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Impact Carbon and myclimate Safe Water and Improved Cookstoves Global Programme of Activities(ID: 103000000000445)

Wood harvest for domestic cooking and boiling water is one of the major causes of deforestation around the globe. The burning of wood not only damages the environment, but can also negatively impact human health. In addition, many women and children spend much of their time gathering fuel instead of putting that time toward more productive purposes. The Impact Carbon and myclimate Safe Water and Improved Cookstoves Global PoA reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the promotion of household and community level clean water technologies and improved cookstoves. The use of these technologies replaces energy inefficient methods of cooking and boiling and reduces emissions that contribute to climate change. It will also provide health benefits, such as the reduction of waterborne illness by increasing access to safe drinking water and improved indoor air quality by reducing in-home emissions. It will employ stoves of various fuel types and chemical water treatment and filter technologies at both the household and community level based on the needs of target populations. The PoA is open access, and provides customers with the opportunity to purchase clean energy products designed and manufactured by international NGOs and local entities.

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