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Energy-efficient biomass cook stoves and biomass fuel pellets for communal kitchens in India(ID: 103000000001868)

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myclimate Foundation
The Project aims on implementing efficient and climate-friendly biomass cook stoves to replace polluting LPG stoves in 11 regions in India. The innovative small pellet cook stove named EARTH STOVE (4 Kwh and 8 Kwh) for use in restaurants, dhaba, college /school canteens etc. has been designed and manufactured by Nishant Bioenergy P Limited (NBPL). These stoves will be sold/installed through the dealer/distributor network that will be built up through the project. Biomass Pellet Producers (producing around 50-75 t/day) will be the State Dealer of stoves and establish distribution networks through various Distributors called Green Entrepreneurs (GE). GE will be installing the stoves and selling the fuel pellets to end consumers and manage the staff and stores.

CategoryStandardProject TypeAdditional CertificationLinked
CarbonGold StandardBiomass, or Liquid Biofuel – HeatNo
Haryana and Rajasthan and others,India
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