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Paradigm Healthy Cookstove and Water Treatment Project(ID: 103000000001964)

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The Paradigm Project
The Paradigm Healthy Cookstoves and Water Treatment Project (“the Project”) seeks to improve health and incomes throughout Kenya by reducing time and money spent acquiring fuel for household and institutional cooking, and by providing local populations with improved access to clean water. To achieve this goal, the project will help Kenyans access healthy, energy saving cookstoves and water treatment products. In order to reach a wide range of Kenyans with the most appropriate technology, the project leverages carbon finance to support the sale and distribution of stoves to households and institutions, and the sale and distribution of a range of water treatment products to households and institutions. The project uses carbon finance to develop local market channels and to support NGOs as they create sustainable distribution networks of locally appropriate efficient stoves and water treatment products.

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CarbonGold StandardEnergy Efficiency – DomesticNo
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