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Kumbango POME Methane Capture Project(ID: 103000000002305)

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Palm Oil is produced at the New Britain Palm Oil Limited (NBPOL) Kumbango Mill from fresh oil palm fruit bunches. Processing of the fresh fruit bunches produces large amounts of organic rich wastewater which has historically been treated in open anaerobic ponds. The anaerobic treatment process produces large amounts of methane which is freely released to the atmosphere. The project will reduce GHG emissions by capturing this methane and combusting it in an engine to produce electricity. The primary technology employed by the Project Activity is an in-ground anaerobic digestor equipped with a system for the capture, collection and utilization of biogas. This technology is new to Papua New Guinea and the NBPOL projects are amongst the first of their kind. The biogas will be used as fuel to generate electricity in two biogas engines. A flare will be installed to combust any excess biogas that cannot be utilised in the biogas engine.

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