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Integrated Biomass Energy Conservation Project - Malawi(ID: 103000000002314)

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Hestian Innovation
The project will disseminate: (a) Improved cook-stoves for domestic use that are made in rural Malawi, can reduce fuelwood consumption by up to 80% and reduce exposure to indoor air pollution- a major cause of acute respiratory infections; (b) Rocket Barns that can reduce fuelwood consumption by up to 70%, compared to traditional tobacco barns, and can also improve smallholder livelihoods through improved quality and quantity of yields and reduced fuelwood costs. Both technologies have health and safety benefits for the end-users trough reduced exposure to indoor air pollution and through fewer accidents and fires. The technologies also provide households and smallholders with relief from high fuel costs. Public benefits of the project are likely to come in the form of reduced pressure on Malawi’s natural resources and improved employment and income generation.

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