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Univanich TOPI Biogas Project(ID: 103000000002456)

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The biogas project will treat wastewater from the TOPI Univanich palm oil mill in Krabi, Thailand. The project captures the methane currently released from the deep anaerobic lagoons and the biogas will be used to produce renewable electricity for sale to the Thailand electricity grid. The project is supported by the local community to reduce odour and reduce risks of wastewater pollution - participants at the community meeting were encouraging Unvivanich to support other palm oil mills to do similar projects. Univanich is a long standing and publicly listed company in Thailand. They are preparing CDM biogas projects at their 3 sites, 2 of which are under Gold Standard. Univanich buy the majority of fresh fruit bunch from local small holder farmers. In Krabi and Surat Thani, any expansion for palm oil is from the conversion of rice or rubber plantations.

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